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Anne Bradstreet

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Anne Bradstreet

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To My Dear and Loving Husband

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To My Dear And Loving Husband - Poem by Anne Bradstreet

Browse through Anne Bradstreet's poems and quotes. 62 poems of Anne Bradstreet. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee.

Bradstreet was born Anne Dudley in Northampton, England, She was the daughter of Thomas Dudle. Anne Bradstreet Biography by Ann Woodlief Painting by Ladonna Gulley Warrick Anne Bradstreet was born in to a nonconformist former soldier of Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Dudley, who managed the affairs of the Earl of Lincoln.

To My Dear And Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet. If ever two were one then surely we. If ever man were lovd by wife then thee.

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If ever wife was happy in a man Compare with /5(25). Anne Bradstreet was born Anne Dudley in in Northamptonshire, England. She married Simon Bradstreet, a graduate of Cambridge University, at the age of Two years later, Bradstreet, along with her husband and parents, immigrated to America with the Winthrop Puritan group, and the family settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

1. Though a pious Puritan, Anne Bradstreet’s poem to her “Dear and Loving Husband” is a passionate plea for true and everlasting romantic love.

Bradstreet's recent biographers, Elizabeth Wade White and Ann Stanford, have both observed that Bradstreet was sometimes distressed by the conflicting demands of piety and poetry and was as daring as she could be and still retain respectability in a society that exiled Anne Hutchinson.

Anne bradstreet poetry
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