Award winning copywriting adsafrica

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Tech moves fast. You need a writer who gets it.

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Whichever to do now. Yes, what a fun job. Award-winning websites, branding, UX, design, copywriting, development, strategy, social, coaching and more. Thacher Interactive has over 20 years experience with crafting custom, high-end websites, CMS, social media and app interfaces.

Michelle Sassa delivers award-winning copywriting, ground-up brand building and dead-on problem solving for advertising, marketing and public relations.


Freelance writer, strategist and author Michelle Sassa brings big brand thinking to any size project, for clients from Aberdeen NJ, to New York City and anywhere in the Cloud.

Fallon has created some of the most iconic and memorable ads of our time, first off is the Sony balls advert – a multi award winning campaign for Sony's range of LCD TVs which used a quarter of a million coloured balls bouncing down a street in San Francisco to the headline ‘colour like no other’ (in archive).

Improve your copywriting skills by adding these copywriting books to your reading list.

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Ever been jealous of that rival creative director's award-winning ad? Feeling uninspired and not sure about how to get the copy going?

How to Build a Winning Copywriter Portfolio from Scratch

Lamott's advice on silencing the inner doubt and self-loathing, listening to our intuition, and working past creative.

Award Winning Copywriter & Web Copy Specialty, Brand Identity & Foundational Message, Web Marketing, Small to Mid-size Business, B2C, B2B, Executive Bio.

Ready to leave the pack & lead the Pride? Need Expert Help with Brand Identity & Foundational Message? Call me at Copywriting ; Print read, and remembered. ColdSpark writes creative, award-winning mail pieces that deliver your message and make an impact.

We incorporate polling and data to fine-tune the concept and build your custom audience. to editing, to placing the spots. Our TV ads have won elections, increased enrollments, broadened customer.

Award winning copywriting adsafrica
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