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About this Campaign

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Campaigning for Children's Rights

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National Campaigns Lead, Dublin 8

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Critical Analysis Of Barnardos’ Educational Disadvantage Campaign Essay Sample

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The issues we're not advocating on to create positive change for students and tamariki are:. The campaign is asking the public to restore their belief in children. The challenging advertising exemplifies Barnardo’s belief and sustained commitment in children no matter what their circumstances.

The landing pages for this campaign on the Barnardo’s website then take the recipient further into the story. We learn more about Sarah and why she has gone missing, and at the same time we learn about the valuable service that Barnardo’s provides.

This campaign is made possible by a legacy from the late Brendan McGonnell.


Barnardos (Republic of Ireland) is a company limited by guarantee. Company registration number: Watch: Barnardo's #BelieveInMe campaign aims to show how children need to be loved.

November 27, by Robert Smith. Barnardo's has launched the second part of its #BelieveInMe campaign, which includes a short film designed to show how children need.

The campaign launches Barnardos new organisation platform and goes live on 21st February It shines a light on the injustices that children in Ireland face everyday and that result in childhoods being lost - lost to Child Homelessness, Child Poverty and Child Neglect. The campaign tries to warn them by comparing the images to real life poverty.

Barnardo’s are trying to tell the viewer that babies living in poverty are in the same situation as the babies in the posters.

Barnardos campaign
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