Caravans of gold summary

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Major of the customers was met with singing and dancing. Selma Voting Rights Campaign (Jan-Mar) Photos See The Selma Injunction for background and previous events.

See also Selma & the March to Montgomery for a discussion of the Selma events by Freedom Movement veterans. Contents. Start studying Africa: Caravans of Gold Part 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Episode 3 - Traces the routes of the medieval gold trade, which reached from Africa to India and China in the east, and westward to the city states of Italy.

It was the coming of the Portuguese in which heralded the end of the great African trade. The Crusades were expeditions undertaken, in fulfilment of a solemn vow, to deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan tyranny.

The origin of the word may be traced to the cross made of cloth and worn as a badge on the outer garment of those who took part in these enterprises. Medieval writers use the terms crux (pro cruce transmarina, Charter ofcited by Du Cange s.v.

crux), croisement. *This page last updated: 31 July, PST.

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Caravans of gold summary
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