Causes of unemployment among fresh graduates

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6 possible reasons why so many Msian youths are now jobless

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Unemployment Among Graduates Essay Sample

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Graduate unemployment

Quite a number of them get exactly decent money putting 8am-5pm jobs, plus benefits. The increasing rate of unemployed graduates is one of the issues that triggers world's concerns lately. Consequently, this research aims to investigate factors that lead to the unemployment problem among Malaysian graduates from three aspects, which are graduates’ attributes, lecturers’ competency and quality of education.

The rising unemployment rate among fresh university graduates today is an upsetting trend. Now the pool of unemployed graduates is rising to worrying levels even in some high-growth economies. This is due to several factors or causes that result in the increase of the unemployment rate today.

Unemployment has been a serious problem facing in our country especially among the fresh graduates. By some estimation, the increase of Malaysian populations within last one decade causes the increased amount of Malaysian labour force.

As stated by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the unemployment rates among fresh graduates have increased from 30% in to 34% in and national unemployment was % out of 14 million Malaysians in the labour market. difficulty of fresh graduates to seek for jobs in the future hence increased the unemployment among graduates.

Moreover, there are some consequences or problems arise due to high unemployment. According to study.

Graduate unemployment

Causes Of Unemployment Among Fresh Graduates Unemployment Among Graduates Imagine you have just graduate and are now looking for a job You send letters and emails to related company and even go to nearby company for walk in interview.

Causes of unemployment among fresh graduates
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Unemployment Among Graduates | Essay Example