Code of ethics similarities to nightingale pledge

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The Nightingale Pledge: Nursing Ethics Oath

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The Nightingale Pledge: A Nurse's Promise?

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However, the Nightingale Pledge remains at the core of all nursing ethics and practices. The American Nurses Association has further created an additional code of ethics for nurses to follow. Mar 01,  · This article explores and addresses the issues and the main concern with the Nightingale Pledge.

The Nightingale Pledge, It also has an undeniable importance because many nursing organizations have adopted its principles in their own code of ethics (American Nurses Association, ). the writer of the Nightingale's Pledge. The Hippocratic Oath, the Nightingale Pledge, the Veterinarian's Oath, the oath of a juror or a governmental officeholder's oath-of-office as well as our Masonic Obligations and Rosicrucian Rules are all cheerfully and voluntarily assumed.

By Elsie Boskamp.


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Code of ethics similarities to nightingale pledge
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