Expressionism in a street car named desire

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Expressionism in Tennessee Williams’ a Streetcar Named Desire

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Expressionism In Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire

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As we move from Wuthering Heights to A Streetcar Named Desire, keep in mind that love is still a major topic, Expressionism "An anti-naturalistic movement chiefly associated with Germany after World War I Desire Streetcar: Photos and some information about streetcars, especially the Desire line.

Please note that this text-only version, provided for ease of printing and reading, includes more than 40 pages and may take up to 10 minutes to print. A keen desire to humanize technology underlies all of Paik's work.

Whether this is seen through the combination of anthropomorphic objects with video imagery of human beings, the use of a live person in dialogue with technological components, or equipment as a performance, or the forced interaction of a viewer with a particular artwork - his work incites reflection on both our relationship.

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