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However, its usage is not as possible as it perhaps should be. FIN Financial Management 3 ECACCBQA& Jr. Standing MGT Principles of Management and Production 4 ECBQA& Jr. Standing MGT Organizational Communications 3 EN & Jr. Standing MKT Consumer Behavior 3 MKT MKT Marketing Research 3 BQA ; MKT The Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) offered at the Meinders School of Business is a highly structured program designed for students who aspire to hold positions in public accounting, corporate accounting, government accounting and similar endeavors.

If the parent is a resident of this state, the court does not have jurisdiction to make an order under this chapter until 30 days after the county counsel, or the district attorney in a county not having a county counsel, of the county in which the parent resides has been served with notice of.

International Islamic University Malaysia. Syed Arabi Bin Syed Abdullah Idid Professor. KULLIYYAH OF ISLAMIC REVEALED KNOWLEDGE AND HUMAN SCIENCES.

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Fin 4413
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