Impact of web 2 0 technologies on businesses

How companies are benefiting from Web 0: McKinsey Global Survey results

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Using Web 0 for business

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How is your company using Web ?

Low Impact Development Technologies

(Or is it?) McKinsey & Company recently released the results of a survey of how more than 3, companies in a range of regions and industries use Web tools and technologies.

Companies were asked about the business benefits and organizational impact of 12 Web 2. The use of Web in businesses. and the organisational impact of Web technologies.

We also inquired about the market position of the respondents’ companies, whether their market share had. Social Impact; Media Center; Alumni; New at McKinsey Blog; Featured.

How companies are benefiting from Web McKinsey Global Survey results. Web technologies improve interactions with employees, customers, and suppliers at some companies more than at others. An outside study titled “Power Law of Enterprise ”. This year, for the first time, we have consolidated the data from our Web research into an interactive graphic (see Business and Web An interactive feature).

With just a few clicks, users can compare technologies, usage, satisfaction, and much more across all three survey years.

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is in the rear-view mirror and is fast upon us. Two emerging technologies are likely to help drag healthcare into the modern age—blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Impact of web 2 0 technologies on businesses
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