Mc gregor s theory

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Theory X and Theory Y

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McGregor’s Theory-X and Theory-Y

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Mcgregor's XY Theory of Management

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After reading you will have the background and the relevant basics of these leadership styles.

McGregor’s Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’ | Theory of Motivation

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McGregor's XY Theory

This allows the individual to receive either a greater reward or a reprimand, depending on the end's positive or negative nature. Aug 11,  · PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch.

Anyone can produce awesome. Rooted in the early industrial era, Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y contrasted two visions of the worker. Theory X, the accepted model at the time, assumed that workers were drones, without ambition or initiative who had to be punished and bullied by bosses to achieve results.

Introduction to McGregor’s Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’: Douglas McGregor has developed two sets of assumptions about human behaviour; labelling these as Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’.

The idea behind using letters X and Y, perhaps seems to be using a neutral terminology, which does not convey any sense of badness or goodness. Douglas McGregor's theory of management, often referred to as McGregor's XY theory, remains a cutting-edge management model Douglas McGregor's theory of management, often referred to as McGregor's XY theory, remains a cutting-edge management model though more than 50 years old.

McGregor’s Theory-X and Theory-Y

Aug 21,  · Is the McGregor Theory X and Theory Y still applicable in today’s modern management? Do you recognize the practical explanation of do you have more suggestions? What are your success factors for the good leadership?Ratings: The concept of Theory X and Theory Y was developed by social psychologist Douglas McGregor.

It describes two contrasting sets of assumptions that managers make about their people: Theory X – people dislike work, have little ambition, and are unwilling to take responsibility.

Mc gregor s theory
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