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2 Under Florida law, a “Coblentz agreement” is an agreement between an insured and a tort-plaintiff with three distinct elements: (1) a judgment against the insured, establishing its liability and amount of damages; (2) a covenant.


The Tort Law for Drones Act will be read for the first time at the Annual Meeting. This memorandum summarizes the rationale for the Act, which is more fully set.

In re: Just for Men Mass Tort Litigation

Nebraska law claims under Dale v Thomas that one of the elements of a cause of action for IIED is “the defendants intentional or reckless conduct.” Dale v. Legal Memoranda. NLRG's legal research attorneys can provide you with unbiased legal memoranda for trial and appellate preparation, case evaluation, strategic planning or any other purpose prior to or in support of litigation or transactional analysis.

Memorandum of Law Statement of Assignment: You have asked me to prepare a legal memorandum on the question of whether our client can gain relief from intentional infliction of emotional distress occurring from witnessing a friend¡¦s child being injured by a vehicle that is out of control due to being driven at a high rate of speed through a school zone.

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