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Millennium Park, Chicago: Hours, Address, Millennium Park Reviews: 5/5

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Both the argument and Millennium Park are not accessible because of their upcoming design. Nov 04,  · Sen. Barack Obama spoke at a rally in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, after winning the race for the White House Tuesday night.

The following is an exact transcript of his speech. Coillte is an exciting and dynamic place to work recruiting talented, passionate people who are empowered to think independently, be innovative and take initiative.

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Park Grill is Chicago's award-winning destination restaurant, at the gateway to Millennium Park and along Chicago's world-class Michigan Avenue. • Friday, July 13 from 11 am to pm • Saturday, July 14 from 11 am to pm • Sunday, July 15 from 12 pm to 5 pm. MILENNIUM PARK.

Service dogs allowed.

Millennium Bridge, London

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Milennium park
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