Mystery microbe

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Mystery microbes of the sea

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Cell Lab: Mystery Microbes

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Despite the mystery surrounding it, this microbe might be one of the most common life-forms on Earth. Yet for many years, biologists could not study it. The reason: They simply could not get it.

NASA astronauts successfully sequenced the DNA of microbes found aboard the International Space Station, marking the first time unknown organisms were sequenced and identified entirely in space.

Home > Educational Materials > Forensics Educational Materials > Trace Evidence Learning Activities > Ward's® Microbe Murder Mystery Kit Click to enlarge Ward's® Microbe Murder Mystery Kit4/4(2). Identify one of four 'unknown' common bacteria using staining techniques and chemical tests.

Mystery microbes of the sea

Learn more about the kinds of bacteria that help keep you healthy and how scientists distinguish one type of bacteria from another. Mystery Microbes is part of Cell Lab. The Cell Lab is a hands-on wet biology lab located in the Human Body Gallery.

Microbes can be classified based on a wide range of characteristics that allow them to survive and flourish in varying environments. A major classification is based on oxygen requirement; with oxygen dependent microbes being aerobic while anoxygenic microbes being anaerobic.

Mystery microbe
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Astronauts Identify Mystery Microbes in Space for the 1st Time