Residential segregation

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How to Build a Residential College

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Why Our Schools Are Segregated

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Racial residential segregation is a fundamental cause of racial disparities in health. The physical separation of the races by enforced residence in certain areas is an institutional mechanism of racism that was designed to protect whites from social interaction with blacks.

Residential segregation by income has increased during the past three decades across the United States and in 27 of the nation’s 30 largest major. Residential segregation by income has increased during the past three decades across the United States and in 27 of the nation’s 30 largest major.

Segregation. age; racial; religious; sexual; Age of candidacy; Blood purity; Blood quantum; Crime of apartheid; Disabilities. Jewish; Catholic; Ethnocracy; Gender pay gap.

Residential Segregation and Neighborhood Conditions in U.S. Metropolitan Areas Douglas S ocial scientists have long studied patterns of racial and ethnic segregation because of the close connection between a group’s spatial position in society and its socioeconomic well-being.

Drawing on data from the U.S.

Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City

Census, the map shows one dot per person, color-coded by race. That's , dots in all.

Residential segregation
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